If you have found yourself here maybe it’s because, for some reason Switzerland, or my adventures in it or beyond, seemed quite interesting.

I have lived and worked in Switzerland for 4 years after deciding a change of scenery from the London grind was needed to enable us to get back on our feet and enjoy living again instead of simply surviving.  The constant pressure to maintain the house of our dreams became a burden we decided we could live without so we relocated to La Tour de Peilz and have not looked back.  A house sale in London and a house purchase in Cumbria later and we are reaping the benefits of no ties and being able to travel as much and as often as we want.  We don’t have anywhere to call ‘home’ as such but for the time being that can wait.  We are on the International circuit and who knows where we will be in two years time let alone seven years time when our youngest daughter leaves school.

We love to get out exploring, whether on foot, two wheels or two planks of wood and this blog is a way of giving you an insight into what we have found on our travels, from amazing views at the top of mountains, stunning lakes, sunsets to die for to great food and our favourite passion – old Fiat 500 cars.

I hope this blog gives you some information about  whatever it is you might be looking for and helps you to have at least half a great an experience as we have had in finding it for you!