One of the best things about living here is being able to get out and explore the area on a bike, whether that be a road bike or mountain bike, whenever you like.

For me that is mainly weekends, apart from the commute to work through the vineyards which is actually a pleasure and by no means a chore. A ride along the lakefront to Cully, up the Corniche to Chexbres and through Jongny to Chatel St Denis and back through Blonay is a staple ride here although there are more than enough routes for you to find something different every time you go out.

On this page you will find blogs I have written about my Tour across Switzerland in 2015 and My Col Challenge of 2016.  Both contain suitable  links that might be of use to you should you want to follow the same routes.  For more information on any of these routes or adventures please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Happy riding…..